At the Groundfish Forum,

we are dedicated to promoting positive changes in the Alaska groundfish industry. We currently represent 5 companies whose trawl catcher-processors fish for flatfish in the waters off Alaska, including rock sole, yellowfin sole, flathead sole, Atka mackerel, Pacific Ocean perch and Pacific cod. We take a scientifically based, data-driven approach to innovating new management and harvesting techniques that are sustainable, efficient, and modern. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide a healthy protein source to the US and the rest of the world while providing stable family-wage jobs at home.

Chris Woodley

Executive Director, Groundfish Forum

In the news

Recent articles on halibut bycatch and the Amendment 80 fleet, by members of the Groundfish Forum and others.

Harvesting Flatfish in the Last Frontier

Built in Louisiana and based in Washington, the F/V Constellation is crewed by men from all over the world.  But it’s also distinctly Alaskan; part of the hardy fleet fueling local economies throughout Southwest Alaska.

Reallocating Alaskan halibut restrictions could ruin Seattle's trawl fleet

In a Seattle Times article, Chris Woodley of the Groundfish Forum lays out the reasons why drastic cuts in halibut bycatch won’t solve the problems faced by the halibut fishery.

Halibut anger lands on the wrong target

In the Juneau Empire, Lori Swanson of the Groundfish Forum describes how halibut fisherman are overlooking the main cause of the problems they now face: unusually large stocks of undersize halibut growing more slowly than in the past and a reluctance to return to previously established size limits.

Editors View: Wrestling with bycatch means new thinking needed

John Sackton, Editor of, argues that a re-examination of how we think about bycatch may be necessary to benefit all users of a given species.